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With Web.Auto, anyone can easily connect to an autonomous vehicle. You can make the mobility business you envisioned a reality.


Easy Access Safety Operation

Web.Auto allows you to freely select any number of required functions among the many services on offer.
By using Web.Auto you can easily develop the MaaS business you envisioned.
In addition, this service has had zero accidents in autonomous driving tests.

About Autoware Ecosystem

Autoware brings together all the different players in autonomous driving
bringing more diversity to this industry.

Autoware Ecosystem

By creating products using Web.Auto, users involved in Autoware will benefit from each others’ contributions.

Web.Auto is a service that uses the open-source Autonomous Driving system Autoware, and has the functions necessary to create autonomous driving products.
At the same time, by using IoT / Cloud technologies, various organizations / individuals can easily access autonomous driving technologies out of the box and deal with a number of common issues.
Products created within the same framework facilitate cooperation across a wide variety of industries that make up autonomous driving services, mutually benefit Web.Auto users, and favour diversity among users in the autonomous driving industry.

Services for Autonomous Driving Service

  • FMS

    By using Web.Auto's FMS, it is possible to easily connect to an autonomous driving vehicle and enable detailed vehicle allocation management. Furthermore, by using the Web.Auto FMS API, it is possible to incorporate mobility by autonomous driving into our services.

  • FMS Console

    Web.Auto's FMS users can ensure safe vehicle operation by using the FMS Console. With FMS Console, anyone can easily access it from a browser and monitor the vehicle from a remote location.

  • Autoware Drive

    By using Autoware Drive, you can monitor a vehicle from a remote location in real time and even control it in an emergency. By using this service, it is possible to operate an automated driving service with peace of mind.

  • OTA Update

    You can update your automated driving system online to the latest version. You can always use the latest automated driving system whose safety and quality are guaranteed by Web.Auto.


If you want to start a business using Web.Auto, please contact us.

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